State Agreement Act Western Australia

(c) the State proposes, subject to additional Commonwealth financial assistance for the 30 days of June 1964, 1965 and 1966, that the Commonwealth continue to provide financial assistance to carry out the additional work covered in this agreement; and seven. The State ensures that an amount or part of an amount paid or advanced to the State under this agreement is used or applied only for the purpose of executing or reimbursement of government expenses for construction work. Despite these broadly supportive views, the passage of state-agreement bills over the past decade has not been a mere „rubber stamp exercise.“ The amendments are usually developed and coordinated with the supporter of the state agreement before being introduced into Parliament. As a result, bills, as they have been introduced, are rarely amended. However, over the past decade, the VA government has benefited from amending an agreement to „modernize“ and „normalize“ it or impose additional obligations, again with the agreement of the supporter. 15. Any notification, request or other communication to be forwarded or made to the State by the Commonwealth or the Treasurer under this agreement is considered sufficient or made if it is signed in writing by the Treasurer or a person authorized in writing and any notification, request, request or other information that the State must send or make to the Commonwealth or treasurer if it is signed in writing by the Treasurer or a person mandated by him in writing. (a) if the financial statements are based on full financial statements and records and are in accordance with these accounts and records; and five. – (1) The Commonwealth, at the request of the State, will occasionally make payments to the State under the last previous clause of amounts corresponding to construction expenses, subject to the provisions of this agreement. 3. The agreement, a copy of which is set out in the timetable of this Act, is approved. (2) An amount or part of an amount advanced by the Treasurer under this clause may be deducted by the Commonwealth from the amounts to be paid after the instigation under Article 5, paragraph 1, of this agreement or, if no other amount is to be paid under that sub-clause, the state is reimbursed to the state on its application.

The agreement on the Alumina refinery (Mitchell Plateau) was denounced in 2015, with the agreement of its promoter, because of the recognition of the important values of conservation and cultivation of the territory subject to the agreement. (2) If, as part of this agreement, the Commonwealth provides financial assistance for part of the work that will be included in the schedule in accordance with paragraph 11 of this agreement, but which is not included in the agreement at the time of the conclusion of this agreement, the State reimburses its consolidated turnover to the Commonwealth, subject to the sub-clause (3) of that clause. , if applicable, any payment to the State pursuant to Clause 5 and any advance to the State, which is not repaid in accordance with Clause 6 of this agreement, and makes all repayments under these conditions, since before the financial assistance granted, the Treasurer is authorized. The Western Australian Geological Survey (GSWA) publishes state-of-the-art reports, maps and databases that document the geology and oil reserves of Western Australia.